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Our Coffee
Rwanda's highest quality of Organic Certified coffee which is meticulously cultivated in naturally optimal conditions on the shores of the beautiful lake Kivu

The process
The coffee is grown organically using compost manure and the cherries are carefully hand picked and washed with fresh clean water

About Coopac
COOPAC was founded in April 2001 with 110 coffee farmers. Currently we work with over 8,000 coffee producers with a current annual export capacity of over 150 containers

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Looking for green organic coffee?

COOPAC coffee is hand picked and thoroughly washed then sun dried on raised screens above the shores of the beautiful Lake Kivu. We are currently promoting and providing shade tree saplings and agroforestry education to our members with ongoing assistance provided to community based initiatives.

Arabica Bourbon Mayaguez   /   Altitude 1500-1900m   /   volcanic soils   /   Organic Certified

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